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Solving Vertical TeleVantage Error 91

Object variable or With block variable not set- Error 91 When Starting the TeleVantage admin console or device manager,the message “Error 91 (Object variable or With block variable not set) has occurred, If this problem persists, contact your systems administrator.” is displayed This message can be related to the account that TeleVantage runs as not being available or has been changed. A quick fix is to navigating to the TeleVantage server directory and running the TVAccUtl.exe utility to reset the server account.

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Stuck in Ghost Virtual Boot Partition

Getting stuck in the ghost virtual boot partition is not an uncommon event. The client boots into DOS to do some work, fails, and the client does not boot back into windows- it just sits there looking stupid. Try Ctrl-x, give it a minute Didn’t work? Try Ctrl-C, give it a minute. This should do the trick. If it doesn’t, the Symantec knolwedgebase also offers this advice:

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Symantec’s NoNav Utility

NoNav is a utility provided by Symantec tech support. Sometimes, a Symantec Corporate AntiVirus installation fails for a client, and one of the recommended remediation practices is to remove the app manually. The problem with doing this is the number of steps in the process, including visiting hundreds of locations in the Windows registry to see if certain keys exist and if so, deleting them. For one box, this is a process. For five boxes, this is a project. You could try scripting this, or…

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