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Startech USB2DVIE2 USB display adapter

Adding an additional monitor with Startech USB2DVIE2 USB display adapter Adding an additional display to an older machine can be expensive and complex. ATI’s multi monitor eyefinity solution requires a new card to be purchased and installed, which is simple enough if a card is available for the specific AGP, PCI or older spec PCIE slot on the motherboard. The cost can scale from 100.00 and up for a low end card. The goal was to just prop up another old 19 inch flat panel in addition…

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Replacing batteries inside an Symmetra Battery Unit

The battery packs on an APC symmetra have a life span of around 5 years, and replacing all of them at once is an expensive proposition. In an attempt to cut costs, I decided to replace the individual batteries that make up each unit. APCs SYBT4 part number refers to a 4 pack of the individual SYBTU1-PLP part, which is a long chassis with a handle at one end and a connector at the other. Each SYBTU1 contains eight individual batteries, and a small circuit…

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