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DORA – DHCP Address Discovery

The four packets used in the DHCP discovery process: D – DHCP Discover packet O – The DHCP Offer Packet R – The DHCP Request Packet A – The DHCP Acknowledgement Packet This sequence is easily remembered as DORA.

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Flexible Single Master of Operator Roles and How to tell Which Domain Controller Owns Them

The Operations Master roles ( AKA FSMO pronounced FIZZMOE) are, by default, assigned to the first DC installed in an Active Directory environment. Schema Master The Schema is the field structure of the AD Database in this context – The Schema master maintains that schema, in the case of Schema modifications – such as intalling Exchange, running adprep.exe/forestprep or a third party app that hooks itself into Active Directory (Cognos for example.) This role is unique to the forest. To view the Schema Master, you…

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