Symantec’s CleanWipe Removes AntiVirus

Symantec’s CleanWipe is a tool that is used to prepare or clean a Windows computer before you install Symantec Endpoint Protection, or to completely remove any instance of Syamantec Antivirus. The tool comes as a executable file that unzips its contents into a folder and then runs. The password for this self-extracting executable usually is “symantec” (no quotes, all lower case).If nothing else is working when trying to remove a stuck install of a Symantec Antivirus product, CleanWipe can usually get the job done. CleanWipe…

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1992 NHL All Star Ballot

Hey kids, the NHL’s all star weekend is coming soon. Instead of digitally stuffing the ballot box, lets take a trip back to yesteryear, when you had to commit voter fraud the hard way – by grabbing the whole stack of voting forms and filling them out manually. Here is a scan of the 1992 NHL All Star ballot to get you started.

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Matlab Command Clips

Some matlab command clips from the notebook. Most also work in R and Octave datetick(‘x’,’HH:MM:SS’,’keepticks’) Normalizes display of time stamps to hour minute second hold all allows keeping graphed numbers on an exsiting display while adding more hold off starts a fresh graph axis square makes the size of the x and y axes the same clear all clear screen, varibales ,etc who lists all variables in the workspace CTRL-C Breaks current process, stops runaway processes clc clear command window

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