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Startech USB2DVIE2 USB display adapter

Adding an additional monitor with Startech USB2DVIE2 USB display adapter Adding an additional display to an older machine can be expensive and complex. ATI’s multi monitor eyefinity solution requires a new card to be purchased and installed, which is simple enough if a card is available for the specific AGP, PCI or older spec PCIE slot on the motherboard. The cost can scale from 100.00 and up for a low end card. The goal was to just prop up another old 19 inch flat panel in addition…

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Flexible Single Master of Operator Roles and How to tell Which Domain Controller Owns Them

The Operations Master roles ( AKA FSMO pronounced FIZZMOE) are, by default, assigned to the first DC installed in an Active Directory environment. Schema Master The Schema is the field structure of the AD Database in this context – The Schema master maintains that schema, in the case of Schema modifications – such as intalling Exchange, running adprep.exe/forestprep or a third party app that hooks itself into Active Directory (Cognos for example.) This role is unique to the forest. To view the Schema Master, you…

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.msp files eating up my disc space!

Working on a system recently, I noticed that its 20 GB primary partition was low on disc space. There was nothing immediately obvious as to the cause, so I broke out the windirstat utility. This gives a visual representation of the filesystem, using different sized blocks to identify large files, and color codes each file to show the data type. This great utility immediately pointed out some large files with the .msp extension that were taking up 5GB of space on the disk.

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Quickbooks shipping manager problem | settings unavailable or problems starting the add in

You may receive Error 25002 or Error 11949 in the log files or event manager as an indicator of a problem in Quickbooks when setting up or using the shipping manager add-in. Assuming the Quickbooks settings for shipping manager have already been set, a profile has been created on the computer. It appears that the Quickbooks shipping manager settings are per-user, so the first method of correcting the problem is to go into the settings and delete the ship information and close the shipping manager…

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Nedatanet’s Sirius Media Player Windows Icons

  These are windows .ico files to be used in creating desktop shortcuts to the Sirius online player application. Create a new shortcut to and give it a name. Right click, choose properties, and then hit the Change Icon button. Browse to the location you saved the .ico of your choice to. Finally, hit OK. Now click it, log in and rock out. Mouse over, save as, preserve the .ico extension using these images

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