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CompTIA A+ Exam Notes

The four basic components of any computer are input, output, storage and processing ASCII = American Symbolic Code for Information Interchange. 128 char. Extended 255 char. Six fundamental microcomputer components: processor, bus, memeory, disk, video, input/output Old school bus types ISA,EISA,VESA, MCA Another name for a system board is the planar board The nucleus of the PC is the CPU A measurement of speed is MegaHertz Clock speeds are measured in megahertz The larger the cache, the faster the processor the 80286 is equated with…

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Sas70 Choosing An Audit Firm

About The SAS70 SAS70 is short for Statement on Auditing Standards Number 70. It defines the standards used by an auditor to assess the internal controls of an organization that provides services. In many cases, the controls that are audited are related to transaction processing, and the transactions are specific to the type of service being provided. A SAS70 type 1 report is concerned with the controls that are in place in an organization and the auditor’s opinion of the effectiveness of the controls. The…

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